ORIX Eco Services and ORIX Renewable Energy Management to Start Domestic Sales and Reuse of Used Solar Panels

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ORIX Eco Services Corporation (ORIX Eco Services) and ORIX Renewable Energy Management Corporation (OREM), subsidiaries of ORIX Corporation, a diversified financial services company headquartered in Tokyo, announced on April 17, 2024, that they will begin domestic sales and reuse of used solar panels in Japan.

ORIX Eco Services plans to offer used solar panels purchased from solar power generation companies to power generation and operation and maintenance (O&M) companies. By providing an extensive collection of used panels of various makes and models, the company aims to facilitate reuse activities in Japan. Before resale, used solar panels will undergo inspections to ensure no defects or issues with power generation. Panels deemed unfit for reuse will undergo material recycling or proper disposal.

OREM, commissioned to provide operations and maintenance (O&M) services for about 190 solar power plants in Japan, will reuse used solar panels at plants where the company conducts O&M activities. Over the past five years, OREM has replaced approximately 3,000 solar panels, or 700 kW, mainly due to natural disasters. OREM will acquire about 170 used solar panels from ORIX Eco Services and use them when replacing damaged panels during O&M work. Utilizing used panels will help the company save procurement costs and expedite the recovery of power generation plants.

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